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Market Analysis Forex - 29 may 2012

Last week the European stock market ended with a positive note. Germany’s consumer confidence seems to be stabilizing, which is giving the markets a sign of hope. This week markets ...

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Market Analysis Forex - 25 may 2012

Today the euro could head for its biggest 5 day retracement this year. This debt crisis is curbing demand for the currency. The 17-nation euro has fallen versus all but ...

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Market Analysis Forex - 24 may 2012

Today the euro could head for its biggest 5 day retracement this year. This debt crisis is curbing demand for the currency. The 17-nation euro has fallen versus all but ...

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Market Analysis Forex - 23 may 2012

Today is going to be the possible start of a change in Europe’s direction. Several European ministers hinted that it will not be decision day, but the informal dinner organized ...


Top Forex Broker Reviews

Brokers Logo Brokers Reviews-Score Minimum Deposit Max Leverage Note Try Demo
markets_forex_small  Markets Review
score: 9.5/10
 50$   1:200  Brand New Broker Platform markets_forex_small
eToro Review
score: 9/10
50$   1:200  Weekly Championship


mini_plus500 Plus500 Review
score: 10/10
100$  1:200 No commissions! - fixed spreads


mini_AVA AVAFX Review
score: 9/10
100$  1:200 Easy and complete Platform

Forex Strategies

Guidelines in Availing Free Forex Strategies

Foreign Exchange Market is one of the leading trading markets in the worldwide economy with a turnaround of more than one trillion dollars in average. With this inviting profit in ...

Forex Strategies for Better Trading and Trending

Forex trading is a good way in investing your money since it allows easy profit and growth of the money you are investing. Many people are now interested on how ...

Forex Strategies: Making Your Success Simple

Every kind of business needs strategies to reach the goal of success. When you are into foreign exchange market, it is important to be familiarized about the simple forex strategies ...


General Forex Articles - Basics

Indicators and Economical Events for Excellent Trading

More and more people become involve in trading forex today since they can see that it provides big profits to those involved in this trading and that it can easily ...

Broker Forex A Way To Invest Your Money

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People are now looking for the best ways to invest their money and save it. In the business and economy world, there are several options given to the people. Many ...

Types of Forex Trading Methods

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There are 3 kinds of Forex trading methods that each require a different Forex strategy to yield returns. They are day trading, position trading, and swing trading. These methods are ...


Forex Brokers Articles

Selecting the Right Broker Forex to Boom Your FX Business

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When you enter the world of foreign exchange market, you have two options of broker forex to select. One of which is a provider of tools and software such as ...

Broker Forex Traders – Who Should You, Choose?

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Perhaps, you would like your currency trading market to run smoothly as possible. Though you can do this alone, you might also need to get some help from experts like ...

Be a Broker Forex Today and Earn Big

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Everyday about $1 trillion is at stake in the forex industry which makes it the biggest market all over the globe. But being a broker forex is not as easy ...

Forex Trading Market

Forex (or FX) is the acronym of foreign exchange market.
This market is a 24-hour market that involves currency trading. Contrary to what happens in a central market like the stock exchange, in the fx one is a spot market, where there's not a place or trading center. So exchanges are conducted "over-the-counter" via wire transfers between international dealers. Most common deales, until recently, were large traders like international commercial and investment banks, international money brokers, international corporations, etc. Since the United States abrogated the Bretton Woods agreement in 1971, many investors began to recognize new opportunities for making profits in the currency market.
Since then, more and more companies every year start up that cater to smaller institutions and investors so they may participate in forex trading.
The main factor you should consider before participating in the forex market is not just your experience in the investment world, but your capacity to learn, set your goals and be aware of the risk. Infact it's very important you should never invest any amount of money you cannot afford to lose.


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Markets Broker Review
Notes:Brand New Broker Platform
Min Account:

eToro Forex Broker

eToro Broker Reviews
Notes: Weekly Championship
Min Account: 50$
Spread: 2 Pips

AVA Fx Forex Broker

AVAFX Broker Reviews
Notes: Easy Platform
Min Account: 100$
Max Leverage: 1:200

Plus500 Forex Broker

Notes: No commissions! - fixed spreads 
Min Account: 100$
 Trade Stocks, Forex, CFDs, Indices, Oil and more


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Forex Brokers

Hedging System

Forex Hedging - The Hedged Grid System Over the past few years, the hedged grid system has been a fountain for great success, and even greater failures ...

Trading Platforms

MetaTrader 4 is a free software created for for online trading in the foreign exchange market. With MetaTrader 4 investors are able to use Expert Advisor.

Swing Forex Trading

Forex Swing trading is one of the most profitable ways to trade on the currency market...

What is Hedging?

Forex hedging is when someone trading in currency enters into a trade with the intention of safeguarding an anticipated or existing position from an undesired shift in the foreign currency exchange rates...

Forex Scalping

Scalping Forex is a series of quick trades, less than two minutes in length that are meant to take you in and out of the foreign exchange market in short bursts for numerous smaller profit...

GBP/ JPY Scalping

GBP/JPY Scalping Strategy Very profitable short term trading strategy. Learn how to scalp Brittish pound and Japanese Yen on 1- 15 minute charts.

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If you would like to promote your brokerage firm here on just contact us and we will be happy to do an interview with you and to publish it on a new web page didicated just to your company!

Online Forex

Still looking for a trusted online forex trading platform. Just register for a free demo account that allows newbies unlimited use of a practice trading account anytime of the day!

Fibonacci Retracement

Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who was born in the 12th century in Pisa. His real name was Leonardo Pisano and he is famous for the discovery of the Fibonacci numbers... Read more about Fibonacci Retracement

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Forex Glossary - Financial Terms

Forex Glossary -

Learn Forex Market Acronyms and Terminology.

Interviews With Reliable Brokers

On this website you will find reviews and interviews with some of the best Forex brokers. It will be very useful to read them and to understand what they can offer to you before you choose one of them:
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